Beaufox Innovations 1

Beaufox Innovations 1

by Beaufox / October 21, 2015

People unfamiliar with Beaufox’s products and services may be unaware of what exactly plastic injection moulding is, and what it’s used for.

Plastic injection moulding is used for a huge number of household items, including plastic packaging, storage containers, one-piece chairs and tables and many other plastic products. In Beaufox’s case, we use plastic injection moulding to create products for the Mining, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Safety and Security industries.


The first injection moulding press was invented in 1919 by Arthur Eichengrün, and improved upon rapidly until the 1940s, when World War 2 created a huge demand for cheap, mass-produced plastic products. Today it is used in industries as diverse as agriculture, mining, medical equipment, and consumer goods. One of the most productive and most innovative manufacturers who use plastic injection moulding are LEGO, who perform their plastic injection moulding for their Lego bricks in factories in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic and Mexico.


Lego have used plastic injection moulding to produce 400 billion LEGO bricks since 1958, and are continually finding ways to manufacture faster and with fewer errors. The moulds LEGO use in production are accurate to within 0.005 millimetres. This means that only 18 Lego bricks out of every million created fail to meet Lego’s extremely high quality standards. During the moulding process, plastic is heated at temperatures up to 230-310C, and injected into moulds at a pressure of between 25-150 tons, depending on which type of LEGO brick is being produced. It then takes an average of 5-10 seconds for the plastic to cool and to be ejected, after which they are ready to be packaged and sold. For a more detailed explanation of the manufacturing process of plastic injection moulding and what it can be used for, here is a video of Bill Hamack (aka engineerguy) explaining the process in extremely simple terms:

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