Beaufox are industry leaders in custom designed and manufactured plastic injection moulding. We have a wide range of innovative design techniques as well as an extremely flexible manufacturing process.

We use 3D printing to optimise the products’ final design by creating prototypes. Together with our customers we then select the most cost effective manufacturing methods to fit their production needs and run size, and work collaboratively during the manufacturing to ensure the process is as productive as possible for the client.

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Case Study

Beaufox were recently approached by GasTech to help them create a new innovation within the gas detection field.

GasTech Australia is one of Australia’s most respected leaders in the gas detection industry. Their mission is to develop effective and reliable gas detection systems for use in situations where personnel could be exposed to toxic or combustible gases, as well as oxygen deficiency.

They caGastech Dguard2 Drawingme to us with the idea of creating a product that would push industry boundaries by providing intrinsically safe loop-powered combustible infra-red detection. With the design brief in hand, we used the latest in CAD/CAM software to custom mould a prototype for GasTech.

Once designed, we were able to 3D print a working model of GasTech’s concept, which we then subjected to strenuous testing.

Damon Gillies, our Managing Director, was directly involved in helping achieve their instrument housing goals, setting a new global standard of IP68. He was thrilled to accept the new challenge brought to him that saw investigation into new materials and manufacturing techniques. The growth opportunity given to Beaufox was very exciting.

The product, named the D-Guard2, will allow sites to greatly reduce power consumption
across control platforms and massively reduce installation costs as explosion proof cabling is not required.

Gastech Dguard2 Product2

This will revolutionise the mining industry, especially within the tightly held underground mining market.

We remain very proud of our involvement inthis innovative and exciting project.

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